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In life, unexpected things happen. A great loss, horrific event, or traumatic experience. You may feel alone, lost, empty, broken, or misunderstood. All of these things are normal. These incidences may have changed the way you feel, look, and react to things, connect with others, or your everyday functioning. It is this reason that led me to create a group of therapists who can guide you through the recovery process with their specialized training and can aide in the healing process. Teaching you how to reclaim your life after the unexpected.

We specialize in therapy related to trauma, grief,  gender affirming, and substance abuse.  We strive to be there for all minorities and disenfranchised.  We are here to provide support, education, high quality care to help attend to one's mental health.   Our role is to be a guide in you re-learning your “new” normal. You will walk away with skills to deal with the curve balls life throws at you in a more positive, healthy, and confident manner.

 It is with our personal experiences, extensive training, and education that Gordon Legacy can tell you that there is HOPE!

H.O.P.E.= Hold On Pain Ends

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Dr. Lady-Dreama Gordon LISW-S, LICDC


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We specialize in trauma, substance abuse, personal and professional development, entrepreneurship training, and mental health treatment.  You are able to receive individual, couples, marriage, group or family treatment.  We provide assessments for medical marijuana referrals to certified doctors in Central Ohio.   We are also available for bookings for presentations, trainings, & workshops.

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Gordon Legacy is a group of great therapist! They work hard to find ways to meet their client's needs!

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